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VIP Healthcare offers quality personalized visits.

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VIP Healthcare offers concierge medicine services to provide quality personalized visits. The practice limits the number of patients to ensure each visit is meaningful and plenty of time is taken to address all concerns.
The group prides itself on providing:

Personalized Visits

Personalized care that is evidenced based, convenient, and comprehensive to meet the health needs of adults. The group focuses on health promotion, prevention of disease, patient education, and coordinated care delivery tailored to your specific requirements.


The practice offers same day and next day appointments to ensure timely visits, as opposed to waiting weeks for a traditional appointment. Additionally, medical providers are available after-hours, weekends, and holidays via phone or telemedicine to ensure you get care when you need it most.

Care Coordination

The group will facilitate and organize services and activities to ensure well-coordinated and efficient care is received, including information necessary to others involved in the Care Team (e.g., referrals to specialists, necessary, testing, etc.).

Patient Portal

Secure HIPAA compliant online patient portal for 24/7/365 access to your medical information, scheduling visits, requesting prescription renewals and more is available.

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